Bernadette Cooper

An American recording artist, producer, composer, a musician, an entertainer, and the founder of the Pop/R&B all-girl band 'KLYMAXX.' In a career spanning almost 40 years, she remains relevant. The maverick, Cooper sets out at an early age to conquer her dream of an all-girl band. 


KLYMAXX Feat. Bernadette Cooper (The Band)

Klymaxx, the legendary platinum-selling all-female band, is synonymous with such chart hits as “The Men All Pause,” “Meeting in The Ladies Room,” “Sexy,” “I'd Still Say Yes,” “Divas Need Love Too,” and the band's biggest hit, the top five pop Billboard single, “I Miss You.”

And when you think of the groundbreaking Pop/R&B funk unit, you can't help remember its founding leader, Bernadette Cooper, who provided the greater part of the production, writing, and the charisma of the band.

The band's performance is a high energy, entertaining show with female musicians; performing all the hits, accompanied by commanding vocals, and the unique, comedic, empowering personality, which is Bernadette Cooper. 


Klymaxx presents Bernadette Cooper (Diva & A Turntable)

A DJ show within a show. The hits with minimum backline.

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Diva & A Turntable

The Hits

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