KLYMAXX, Bernadette Cooper and Lorena Lungs (Queens of the comeback) Presents Their Highly-Anticipated Project: How To Survive A Midlife Crisis.
After a much-speculated reunion, the original dynamic duo of KLYMAXX, Bernadette Cooper and Lorena Lungs, are back!
The secret is out for the two members of the all-girl band well known, for their hits such as Meeting In The Ladies Room, The Men All Pause, Sexy, Divas Need Love Too and I Miss You, as they have been working on an exciting new project to release and musically inspire the world.
How To Survive A Midlife Crisis, is a special project as these two girls are back together one final time, celebrating over 30 years of KLYMAXX.
Bernadette, the pioneer of KLYMAXX, states, “This will be my last written and produced album with KLYMAXX. I want this project to be my departing musical stamp on the brand that I created.
After deriving the concept, Bernadette reached out to the original lead singer Lorena Lungs the voice behind Sexy, Man Size Love, Divas Need Love Too and Meeting In The Ladies Room to join her on the musical journey. “Lorena was the guiding voice to KLYMAXX’s success. Her tone complimented our sound and was present on most of our biggest hits.” Bernadette states, reflecting on KLYMAXX’s humble beginnings. “Our friendship has survived its ups and downs; this project is so special to me and I couldn’t do it without Lorena.”
How To Survive A Midlife Crisis is dedicated to all and in particular, a tribute to generations of women who have nurtured families; worked multiple jobs, put their children through school and did it all independently. “Most don’t have the luxury to acknowledge a midlife crisis. I am hoping this project is the anthem to spark inspiration for both women and men to embrace the trials and tribulations of their evolving youth. It’s about letting go of relationships that don’t make you happy, luxuriating in the ones that do, releasing all negativity from your life, and gravitate towards the path of a love designed for you. Like in the song Where Do All The Fabulous People Go? These things are all a part of surviving a midlife crisis.

Vol:1 release will be the introduction to the project which includes the title track How To Survive A Midlife Crisis and Generational. Generational conveys a universal message that resonates with many people and reflects how abuse transcends. Lorena Lungs blows the roof off of the sanitarium as Bernadette, being a survivor of generational family abuse, tries to break the curse and shares her way of overcoming and healing from it. The Doctor/Diseuse adamantly prescribes self-love and forgiveness. “Understanding the source is powerful,” she says.

The duo ensures that with Bernadette’s iconic stage presence in the upcoming shows, Klymaxx fans will get to hear all their favorite hits – both new and old. “We wanted a beautiful expression of what the years of our lives and musical journey have taught us. And as you will hear in songs like No More Sex, we continue to focused on women empowerment through and beyond our music.”
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You can also see more work from Bernadette Cooper through her published e-books and audiobooks which will present  exclusive content of her composition